Tuesday, January 31, 2006

First Concert

The first major concert I went to was Rush and Max Webster, two Canadian rock bands, at the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE, or "The Ex"). I had a great seat, 6th row floor. At the time, I loved Rush. 

I didn't know Max Webster but they really impressed me at this concert and eventually I would like Max Webster more than Rush.

First Album

I was given my first album as a present. I loved the song "Aquarius". This album would be the first of over 1000 records that I would own. When I was in high school and at university, my record collection was my passion.

Sunday, January 29, 2006


A Lost Post...

This post disappeared for some reason, but it has comments, so I'll keep it. Wonder what was here, and why it disappeared.

My first blog post

This is my school blog. The purpose of this blog is to tell my students about myself and get them curious. I hope that my posts will motivate my students to make comments and ask questions.